Dateline. Rural GA, south of Atlanta

Trying to decide which is worse. Atlanta in the Summer or Tucson during the Monsoon. Broke into a full body sweat loading the car today. Went for a ride yesterday. Well enough until stopped moving. Then a torrent of sweat. Trick was to not stop moving... Next post will be from Duck, North Carolina. Ann just commented. The rental a LOT bigger than the Quail Manor... And then there is the ocean front thing. 

CtC et all have had a good week. Even without my inspirational leadership...

Plumbing rough-in inspection was Friday. We passed. With Micrometer Bob, expected no less. Apparently they had to plug the line where we attach to the sewer so they could fill all the drains and vents with water all the way to the roof. Frequent readers may recall we did this way back when we did the underground plumbing inspection. Nothing still leaks. There are a couple of (now inspector approved) garage plumbing rough-in pictures in this weeks batch.

One point of excitement. The plumbing inspector was a new guy. Wants to see the water supply line from the meter into the house. This after the regular inspector has seen it multiple times and after it was pressurized back in early July with 50 psi. The meter was still on it when I left. Read 50 psi. I checked periodically since it was on the way to DnT's. AND the water supply line has been buried under feet of rock for months. Arguments ensued. Will see how this resolves upon the return of our regular inspector. Bureaucracy run amok... Regular guy seems a bit more focused on more relevant stuff. Not a push-over by any stretch Can read a print. Seems to know what he is looking at. More as this evolves.

Staining of all the rough timber was delayed a few days after a monsoon dumped on the "A" Mountain. Got an email from Peggy up the hill. Apparently we got like an inch and half in a couple of hours on Monday and it was continuing to rain. This was the day Phoenix became a lake. She and Al ventured forth to see how drainage was working and looked in on the grate we left in the back wall. Thanks Peggy and Al (henceforth PnA)! All seemed to work as designed. Water was diverting through the wall grate and onto the Quail Manor grounds. A bit of a relief. Still need to do something WITH the water once we get it, but at least we get it. The Quail Manor sits upon the lower slopes of "A" Mountain. Above Tucson proper. If we get flooding, flooding will the least of our problems since the metropolis of Tucson will have disappeared!

Couple of in-process and finished pictures of stain. Tony is the painter. Second generation painter. Of course. Have not seen his work up close and personal, but was impressed by his approach at our meeting. And, he looks and his mannerisms are of a painter. There seems to be a gene pool of painters and he is one!

From the pictures, the stain is a bit more red than we were expecting. Best we could do with standard colors and looked fine in the samples. I suspect the sun will fade it out PDQ. Experience with my pictures so far is the colors in the pictures don't seem to match what I'm seeing with plain old eyeballs. Richard explained recently that it was something to do with automatic white balance built into the camera logic. A real photog can fix. The camera I've been using, that Richard specified some time ago, has all the settings to correct the white balance. But, I be a fer bit back fom be'n (we are in the South) real photog and, at least with his Android camera, I don't think CtC is either...

Interesting to see how it looks after the rust colored corrugated roof, taupe stucco, and rust colored metal tubes go on. All of which are becoming eminent.

Jason the Cynical Electrician (JCE) has been wiring away. We should be done with rough-in early/mid next week. Then more inspections and onto drywall late next week or early the one after.

The stucco guys started the lath process in front. Tyvek moisture barrier, 1.5 inches of foam, then the lath, then a base coat of stucco, then the synthetic finish coat. We've only just begun to stucco! Careful examination of the pictures will indicate that CtC and the VFF installed blocking that looked silly. Silly until the stucco guys started installing foam. And the foam butts nicely right up against the blocking. Planning, meet execution.

Here are the pictures from last week. Photo credit CtC and his Android phone. Yes, he took it away from his ear long enough to snap some shots! Careful observation will note CtC has installed the hangers for the pergola and front porch rafters. Lot of fussing about lag screws. The ones in back had 18 screws for each hanger. Fussing appropriate!