6K miles. 82 hours. Vacation almost over.

Technically, 500 miles and 6 hours remain to complete the totals. But, close enough...

Meanwhile, back at the Quail Manor. CtC has been busy. Tuesday we had our big deal "Intermediate" Inspection. This is the one that inspects all the framing and rough-ins. Basically looks at everything before we start covering things up. Passed with flying colors. CtC has been busting his ass to be sure everything ready for white glove inspection. He, the VFF's, Manny (the HVAC guy), Micrometer Bob (the plumber) and JCE (they cynical electrician) done good. Inspector spent an hour. Besides "this looks real good, cover it up", the only comment I heard about was to be sure I knew the thermostat cable up to the gas pack will also support a future heat pump.

Today the roof was finished. The windows were installed. CtC installed the cross bracing on the pergola and took a whole bunch of pictures. Most will be of blocking and where wires and plumbing is in all the walls. Interesting to me!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a bunch more. Friday CtC and I do a thorough walk-through to be sure everything is in the right place before the insulation on Monday and Drywall starts on Tuesday. Hopefully Friday we get the exterior doors so we can lock the Quail Manor for the first time since we took the roof off back in May.

Photo credit to CtC.