Micrometer Bob (the Plumber)

Yea yea yea, another late post. Priming/Painting, packing to escape Tucson, dinner with CtC. You get a morning post.

Already been up the hill to the Quail Manor to put finish color paint on flashing that will be partially visible from inside the front porch and pergola and the first two sides of the last batch of pergola sticks. Did that concrete guy/framer early so it can dry a couple of hours before I roll it over to do the last two sides.

Mean while down at DnT's preparing to vacate for a while.

So, turns out Bob (the plumber) is Micrometer Bob (the plumber).

Dad had a colleague who built a house. The colleague was of course a pilot. Pilot's tend to be anal. Want things to pretty much right on when up in the sky... So, the colleague builds a house and does his own wiring. All runs are parallel to each other. All runs are orthogonal to the house. Corners are right angles. All as things should be. Ann's Dad, who really was an electrician, would approve. He taught me wiring, so of course I approve as well. 

The colleague becomes known as Micrometer Stan. I think it was Stan, but it's the Micrometer part that is relevant to my version. 

The other day, Bob (the plumber), as he was known at the time, starts drilling holes for pipes. He's using a tape so they are all level. I get a good feeling. Start toying with upgrading him to Micrometer Bob (the plumber).

Yesterday he starts running pipe. Pipe these days is plastic tubing. Nobody, not even the Quail Manor, can afford that much copper. They run plastic in long runs and then stub through the walls with copper. Now, mortal plumbers, use blue pipe for cold water and red or something for hot. Bob (the plumber) scoffs at these yahoos. He uses white pipe. For everything. I ask him how he keeps track. He gets a little cocky. Says something along the lines of real plumbers know, don't need no stinking colors. Copper is all one color. There won't be any crossed connections. Go away. Who we now know as Micrometer Bob (the plumber) is a bit of a curmudgeon. We get along fine.

I offer today's (actually yesterdays, but you get them today) picture set as Exhibit A. All runs are parallel to each other. All runs are orthogonal to the house. Corners are right angles. All as things should be. Micrometer Bob (the plumber) is designated.

You may further notice the runs are grouped into as few truss bays as possible so the electricians who come next have room to work. I was curious about the order of the trades. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, then Network. Solution is to consider the flexibility of the stuff they are running. HVAC is big and stiff ducts. Plumbing (historically) rigid copper. Electrical pretty flexible wire. Then flexible network cable. Makes perfect sense.

What you won't notice are things Micrometer Bob (the plumber) has pre-planned for:

  • The hose bibs and irrigation are tapped BEFORE the water conditioner so we don't waste conditioned water on plants.
  • There is one hose bib by the driveway that IS conditioned water so if I wash a car it will be less likely to spot.
  • There is a 1/2 inch pipe tapped from the hot water side of the tub. It runs back to the bottom of the hot water heater so if we need to we can easily install a hot water circulation pump so you immediately get hot water anywhere in the house the second you open a faucet. Waste less water that way.
  • There is a valved line (tapped AFTER the water conditioner) run over to the pergola so if we ever want to install misters we have a place to connect them.

Pictures not terribly interesting today. Just a record of where pipes are running. Also note CtC got the support for the free hanging exhaust fan over the cook top installed. Nice and sturdy and vented into what is becoming a very industrial standing seam metal roof around the HVAC unit. Nothing will penetrate through the main corrugated roof. Tougher to flash and we're small enough we can just run everything to the flat area for easy access and flashing.