My oh my, have we come a long way

Been futzing for a while now to try to find a reasonable way to portray the renovation timeline in pictures. Today, the new way is available for browsing. Not saying it's the final way. Am thinking it's mo betta than before.

There is an index of picture "perspectives" that I've used to organize what I have. From the index, you click on a perspective that might have some interest. Then you can scroll through related pictures organized from when we started to now. I like that the pictures are a fair bit bigger.

Could probably do some more pruning, but running out of enthusiasm for the project! I've eliminated the comments since they don't look very good in this display format. May come back and do some comments if enthusiasm is regained.

So, if any interest, select Renovation Pictures from the menu or click on the link. If you go, take note of the metal folding chair that appears in a surprising number of the pictures. It was left in the house when we bought it. Nobody's stolen it. Get's moved into whatever shade is available. Has been a desk, a source of shade itself, as well as a chair. Will have to find a home for it somewhere when we're done...

Bit of a walk down memory lane. When involved daily, lose sight of how far this has come in really not too much time. As I was looking at some of the original state and the early demolition, knowing what I know now:

  1. Wonder why we even started.
  2. Got tired just looking at the pictures.
  3. Started to smell the original place!