Intriguing, but stumps this musist.

It's Saturday morning. So I'm out labeling the cistern pump system. No. It's not easy being me.

Finish that and notice there are plenty more water valves over by the fence that could stand some labels too. On the way over, it's not far. I spot this.

That's the reenactment of my POV at the time of the initial discovery.

Yea, I know. Those irrigation boxes are a hot mess. As anal as I am, I can't bear not straightening them. But the pragmatist in me hates the thought of getting started digging them up, dealing with whatever else I find (I know for a fact there is a splice in the control wires back towards where the go into the house, annoyed me when he did it and annoys me still. Who whats to bet that gets fixed when I finally address the irrigation boxes...) and then the self imposed collateral damage. I detect a future muse.

For the observant reader, you may notice a paver on the left of the better of the two irrigation boxes. I may have mused about this. Under that paver is a termite trap. These termite traps are spaced every 10 feet around the house. They may or may not work, cost money every quarter for a guy to come look at them and find nothing. To look at them he has to be able to get to them. Hence the pavers; pick-up the paver, check the trap, replace the paver. That's the theory. You can imagine the level of motivation a termite trap checker might have...

Here's a reenactment of my POV when I leaned in for a close-up.

Looks like throw-up to your musist. My stomach reacted like my lizard brain thought it was throw-up and made my stomach queasy. Ask SWITBO who has to clean-up cat puke. I'm getting queasy musing about it.

So. Let's stipulate it's throw-up. BUT FROM WHAT????!!!!

the Quail Manor Grounds perimeter is intact. No question. Even the gate over to DnT's in the unlikely event something got through their not insignificant defenses. The D in DnT hates bunnies. Hates 'em. No way are they getting into his compound. I won't even get into how he feels about javelina's. They are admittedly easier to hate.

So. Whatever threw it up was big enough to clear 5 feet of rusty steel. In and out without doing any noticeable damage. Or it flew in. Plenty of stuff flies in here. We have one Michelin star in the bird Sonoran Desert Dining Guides.

My null hypothesis is bird of prey. Admitedly, I did not study the throw-up closely. Still need to eat breakfast... But upon cursory examination did not see any obvious animal parts, only plant stuff.

Open to any ideas from the muse readers. Ask your friends. Consider this cloud CSI.

Update 1:

Her sweetness has opined. Pumpkin guts. She is pretty insistant, so I can't argue. She reads this sometimes. Now we're left with transport mechanism. She's leaning towards squirrel. Got fatigued. Abandoned pumpkin guts enroute as a bad idea. Squirrels come and go over the fence like it's not there so a definite possibility.

Update 2:

Discovered more of the throw-up/pumpkin guts in the driveway. Adding credence to the squirrel(s) theory?

Update 3:

JCQ (Jessie the Cactus Queen) has been by. More data and a different theory about the piles. But more confusion and possibly an escalation.

She and our across the street neighbor, Annie, the neighbor with the pool; henceforth known as AatS (Annie across the Street) have become thick as thieves. Both are fairly recently rid of long-term boyfriends. They have become quite busy breaking hearts all up and down Tucson. Told them I was going to need spreadsheets to keep track. Some discussion of mounting a camera over towards her place so we could build a photo wall of walks of shame...

I was just out back when AatS appears at the front door. "Steve, you're a guy (thanks for noticing). I can't start Brandon's car". She figures starting a car is kind of a guy thing and I'm the guy on duty today. Brandon is not on the boyfriend candidate list but is over there a lot. Nevertheless, it turns out he is installing speakers in AatS's car so she has his. AatS is on the way to PHX for a concert. Look out PHX! As we walk over, I'm getting the back story on why she is starting a strange car to drive to PHX. I'm thinking, how hard is it to start a freaking car. As we get closer I notice it's a Saab. Oh shit. Saab for unknown reasons stashes the ignition on the floor and are predisposed to be funky. That much I know. I grab what looks like a car key and there is no place to put it. More correctly, there is an obvious place to put it, but it is WAY not the right size. This is going to look real bad for me and boys in general if I can't start the car. Then I notice what I thought was a key fob has Swedish icons on it. Frequent readers may recall I speak IKEA. Turns out Swedish is Swedish. THAT must be the key. In it goes. The car starts. I'm kind of a hero.

Now there is discussion that it has been a decade since she drove a stick shift. I get onto the Quail Manor Grounds and behind a block wall ASAP...

But that's not why the update. JCQ, who knows stuff, thinks the pile (now piles) are pooh. And, she and AatS were carving pumpkins the other day. The pumpkins have gone missing. Javelina lead the suspect list. One new theory is something was eating the now missing, or for that matter heretofore unknown other, pumpkins, We're not THAT interested in the origin of the pumpkin guts. At least not yet. Something ate the pumpkin guts and pooped over here. What is concerning is what pooped a pile that big INSIDE the Quail Manor Ground perimeter security? Not your run of the mill squirrel pooh.

I liked the explanation better as a squirrel becoming disenchanted with schlepping pumpkin guts. This is an escalation...

Friday Night Lights

Was not going to muse on this, but since I'm musing. the Quail Manor is on the order of a mile from the high school to the barrio. Some nights the lights are on. Far enough away to not be a distraction. Get the ocasional kid cutting through Peggy and Al's lot next door, but I kind of suspect these are more junior high or middle school of whatever it's called. But pretty much just see the lights from time to time.

Last night there must have been a football game and they must have been rivals. It's Home Coming at the U of A so maybe the high schools do the same. In any event, I'm enjoying the evening in the pergola it was near 70 so I had to put a sweater on. Going native.

I start to hear cheering. Then I hear the band, must be half time. Then more cheering. I see on the news later that Cholla High School (the Chargers) beat the living crap out of some other team 44 to not very many.

New Location for Front Wind Chime

The wind chime I put out front has inside and outside clangers. Or bongers as you wish. I got to thinking more wind exposure would be good for more productive bonging. Discussed with SWITBO, they're her chimes after all. We decided a grouping on the pergola would be both attractive and provide more wind exposure. Pictures follow. Looks well enough, now to see if anymore wind and more active bonging.