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Out for Sunday breakfast. Went to Chapens It's a full-on greasy spoon. Looks to your musist as if the building has always been a diner. Purpose built curbs for the bar stools to mount to. A real place.

I've been a couple of times. The food is exactly what you'd expect.

So we get there like 07.00. More crowded than expected, but plenty of room. The hipsters are further north for Sunday Brunch. We notice in the back some kind of meeting is going on. Got a cheese omelette. Now these are words I never expected to utter, but there was too much cheese. Perfect hash browns. It's a greasy spoon all right.

Well. Eventually the meeting in back breaks up. Bunch of girls wearing matching tee shirts. Then a couple of guys in trail. First thought was maybe strippers done for the night. Looks like some Greek lettering on the front, so maybe a sorority done for the night. 

They go to pay. NOW they tell the waitress they want separate checks! I counted, there were 8 of them. You can see the waitress is not just a little pissed, but she starts processing. These presumably college sorority girls can't do the math to add up a check... Ugghhhh. We chuckle at our little table.

Then I notice. Every single one of them. All eight. Pay with a credit card. Took longer than it did to make the meal!

Finally it's over and they leave. Now this is a diner. Windows all around. We watch the leaving. They all proceed to a Honda Accord. An old beat-up one. And all eight get in. Priceless.

Meanwhile. Old trucks and old people have been arriving. The old trucks are in various stages of restoration, but beautiful. The drivers all appear to be characters. One pulled in rough as hell and a real character climbs out. Presumably he has not started the process yet.

So now we're leaving. An original looking Toronodo pulls in. Goes to the end of the lot turns around and comes back. Needs a LOT of room to execute a U Turn. Drops off a little old lady with one of those wheeled walker things. By this time a gang of elderly folks have collected at the drop off point. Not sure where they came from, but there they were. The most able among them helps the little old lady with the walker up the side walk. Technically she needed an off road walker for this sidewalk, but they made due.

Now the Toronodo driver, who is no spring chicken. Decides to back the Toronodo back to the other end of the lot from whence he U Turned. Not sure why. But he bobs and weaves his way back. Not a gifted backer. He arrives at the back of the lot with no damage. And proceeds to back in among the trucks and a beautifully restored Cadillac of indeterminate age, but some point in the 1950's. He's leaving a lot of room, but really wanted to be back with the old cars.

We escape the lot and head off to buy gas. After a big fill-up, the way home goes back by the restaurant. Toronado guy and some cronies have finally made the front door.

I'd love to go back and watch THAT dining experience.

Our recommendation. If you visit Tucson, have breakfast at Chaffin's Family Restaurant .

Further recommendation. Don't be a putz like me and buy a 16GB iPhone. Runs out of memory. So I was cleaning pictures off last night and came across this.

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15 October 2014

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