Sweetie's Death March

Monday The Sisters were going to Madera Canyon. Your musist was encouraged to join. Your musist knows where his bread is buttered. So to Madera Canyon we went.

We knew the hike was 5 miles and change.

What I failed to realize was that it gained about 2,000 feet of elevation and was going to take awhile. Of course I didn't bring a thing to eat. I never do multihours without food. Who knows what I was thinking. Or maybe I wasn't?

What AFS failed to realize was that elevation was gained between about 4,800 feet and 6,800 feet and she lives at about 500 feet. She was at a hematocrit disadvantage. 

What we both knew is that SWITBO is a tough task master. What SWITBO surmised but none of us expected was the down part was steep and a quad killer.

I'm writing this, so no lives were lost.

It really was a pretty good hike. Hematocrit disadvantage and lactic acid accumulation notwithstanding. Along the loop we visited two "springs". For some reason I was kind of expecting a spring. What we encountered was a concrete bunker with a piece of metal over the top. It may be 6,800 feet and look like Colorado, but I guess it's still the desert!

Here are the pictures.

Here are a few pictures from the Quail Manor:

  • The new gate in the arbor fence.
  • AFS's observation (using that brain again!) to move the wrought iron gate left over from when Sister Murray lived here to disguise the hose bib on the back wall. Brilliant.
  • A gift plant from JCQ.