So I made Sweetie a Liar

Didn't mean to. 

DtW is now building a fence for DnT. Actually he is building structure onto which a salvaged wrought iron fence will be attached.

DnT have been wanting pictures. And I have been taking pictures. But I failed to send them. Then it got to be a fair number of pictures so I figured a muse would be easier. But. That meant I had to sit down and muse about something. Basically the fence. But there wasn't that much fence to muse about. So it got put off. I told Ann to tell D of DnT that there would be pictures on Tuesday (yesterday).

Meanwhile at the Quail Manor. Tony the Mason, who built all our block walls, also does flagstone work. We come to find out. Talked to a friend of DtW about doing the flagstone work, but was going slowly and I sensed some language issues. Though of Tony the Mason. Pinged CtC to see if he knew off-hand if Tony the Manson was also Tony the Flagstone Guy. Turns out Tony the Mason is Tony the Mason/Flagstone Guy too. And, he's doing flagstone as we speak at CtC's house. Can you have him call me?

So yesterday, Tony the Mason/Flagstone Guy (henceforth TMFG, I prefer the fully written handle, but that's a lot to type reliably) is done at CtC's and starts our flagstone. Which means trips to the stone yard and decisions, LOTS of dust and the requisite collateral damage; which means I get distracted and no muse yesterday. More importantly no pictures for DnT and now Ann's a liar and pissed at me for making her one.

But now I have two things to muse about, the fence and the flagstone. So I take to the keyboard...

Here are the fence pictures. As all things DtW related, lots of deep deep post holes. Metal posts filled with concrete so they never move ever. Lots of welding and grinding. And LOTS of planning and measuring and leveling and plumbing. Seems remaining issues are:

  1. How to deal with grade changes. Does he maintain the top of fence level, does he step it like we did here at the Quail Manor, or does he go nape of the earth and follow contours. Seems a more formal fence style than our rust centric effort, so who knows the right answer?
  2. The fence uses one of the columns holding up the porch roof as a post. But, the column is out of plumb quite a bit. The posts are like telephone poles, so may be a plumb issue or may be a post irregularity. Regardless, there is some pretty significant, like inches, shimming to be done.

DtW will be reaching out to DnT to sort. D of DnT is actually here Thursday night. But D of DtW is off on a family trip starting Thursday. So challenges abound...

Here are the flagstone pictures. Frequent readers may recall the dilemma of the courtyard stone:

  1. We kind of liked having a stoop out the back door. But didn't want a plain slab of concrete. Dave the Welder is also Dave the Concrete Guy so we had him working with us on alternative scenarios. We looked at "pour in place" pavers like you see in contemporary houses, but felt like that was a bit much for the barrio. We'd kind of settled into coloring the concrete to match the house floor when the flagstone idea came to pass. So we do the flagstone stoop.
  2. We do more research on gravel and decide 3/8 crushed granite is the way to go. But. The grade at the top of the steps out of the pergola wont accept another inch or two of gravel. We can pour a curb... Once the flagstone idea gets traction we decide to put veneer on the steps. Looks better and raises the grade. A twofer.
  3. Now we need to do gravel. That will wait until her sweetness returns. Color will match what we have, just a bigger size. We'll apply to both the front and back courtyards. In the pergola, we'll bring the gravel up to about the top of the flagstone. 
  4. Now I'm kind of wondering if we should put veneer on the front courtyard steps. That too will await the arrival of her sweetness.

There is also a picture of the lower dry wash gate. This one was relatively easier than the as yet unfinished one at the cistern at the top of the dry wash. The lower one is rectangle with no funky angles. Uses barrel hinges so very low friction and is also removable for any unexpected servicing... Going to be a HELL of a rain to get enough water that this thing has to open, but we're ready!

A few words on the corner toilet. I almost made this the title. But thought Ann lying would have more dramatic effect. When we came down right after Christmas, the rental house at the corner into our cul de sac looked like a bomb had gone off. Had the look of people gone. In a hurry.

Thought this will be interesting to see how long this stays this way. To our great pleasure, right away what I presume are the owners showed up and squared it right away. Never looked better. Now back on the market for rent.

On an unrelated subject, a house sold as you come into the neighborhood. AND, they're doing what looks like a fairly major remodel. Big ole dumpster out front. Brought back fresh but suppressed memories.

We wonder if the presence of the Quail Manor has been a factor in these two positive events...

Back to the toilet. When we came down this last time for AFS's visit. A toilet had appeared on the corner out front of the newly refurbished rental house. We started to take a picture, but decided that might be a little goosh. What was funny was here is this toilet at the street and in the background of the picture we could have taken was a For Rent sign. That's some confidence!

We decided to monitor the status of the corner toilet.

All through AFS's visit, no change. Their departure must have caused a flux in the force because then things started to happen.

A couple of days later; the front half of the bowl is broken off. Laying the street. Just broken off and left to lie there. 

A couple of days after that; the broken part and the crumbs associated with it's breakage are gone. The rest of the toilet remained. Somebody made the effort to clean-up, but left the toilet. Curious, the ways of the barrio.

Then yesterday as we were off to pick flagstone. The corner toilet is gone. Trash day this week is tomorrow, so don't really think that is it. But alas, the toilet is no more... Fair well.

That's all I got. Thanks for reading.