"I'm Declaring a Hot Water Emergency"

Whilst washing dishes after breakfast on Thursday, the water just did not seem that hot. Yes, it was I actually washing some of the dishes. Ann and AFS were otherwise engaged.

AFS had the last shower the night before. I checked. Water fine then. 

Checked the breaker. It was popped. Reset. Thought it odd, but stayed set. Chalked it up to stuff happens.

Friday morning, same deal. Only now it will only stay set for a few minutes. 

CtC's phone number is still on my speed dial so I declared a Hot Water Emergency. He tracks down the electrician. Frequent readers may recall we have had issues with said electrician resulting in his symbolic dismissal. He's dead to me, so CtC maintains that communication channel. I reach out to Bob the Plumber. Leave a message.

I'm expecting it to be the Water Heater. Has parts. Infant mortality happens. I'm further thinking, this is not the run of the mill water heater, I bet there aren't any more in town. Which is bad news since the Quail Manor is relatively full of folks that use hot water. Not the least of which is your musist.

Turns out CtC is thinking the same thing. He reaches out to the International House of Plumbing Supply whilst awaiting a call back from the electrician. He's right, will have to order. And. It's Friday. Not good.

Bob the Plumber returns my call post haste and announces himself as Bob the Plumber. I love it, they remember! We discuss the symptoms. He's thinking breaker. I'm thinking r i g h t.

Meanwhile CtC gets a call from the electrician. He's thinking breaker too. I'll be damned. So I can run over to the Depot and get a breaker. Except SWITBO and AFS are off on an adventure. With the only car. I could ride over, but now I'd be on an adventure too. CtC will grab one and head over.

CtC brings a buddy. With a cabin in Colorado above Granby. We have friends with a cabin above Granby, really more of a house, but cabin sounds better in the story. We compare notes, not quite the same area but he knows folks where our friends have their place. Now these particular friends have many many many friends. Their speciality is kind of their inventory of friends. The run into friends in the damedest places all over the world. There is one story about a one gate airport in Belize with irregularily scheduled flights. They run into some friends awaiting a plane... 

So, I'm thinking if this guy knows our guys. That is just too freaking much. Well, he knows different people so I feel better. I give the Quail Manor nickel tour...

Meanwhile CtC is addressing the hot water emergency. Turns out my good buddy, the electrician, left one of the screws holding one of the wires into the breaker loose. Loose connection gets hot, breaker pops. CtC tightens the offending screw, checks all the others (which were fine), and leaves me a spare 30A breaker just in case. Been fine ever since. 

So Ann and her Favorite Sister have been wearing Tucson out.

The afternoon Mimi got here they schlepped from the house to the top of Sentinel Peak aka "A" Mountain. You can just head out the door and do this hike from the house. From the top, you can see all of town and look down upon the Quail Manor. I was off on the bike. No mention was made that the woman's may head out, which is no big deal.

The lock on the back garage door failed and I had called the guy to replace it. While out on my ride, my phone rings. I'm wired on the bike with coms so I answer. The garage guy can come over now, is anybody home? Sure, my wife is there. Few more miles down the road and my phone rings again. Nobody is answering the door. I think piss. They're probably out back. This is a design problem I need to sort long term, but another day. So I think for a minute. I'll just open the front garage door, from my phone, on my bike. I did stop first. Works a peach. Problem solved. Later the phone rings again and they have to order a part. 

Eventually I get home. No one is here. Hummmm. Knowing it's a waste of electrons, but following protocol, I call Ann's cell. Of course no answer. Even if she has it, it's probably off. Then I call her favorite sister. She has a real phone and connected children so I'm optimistic. A purse hanging from the bedpost behind me in the study starts to ring... Well, I'll shower and if they don't turn-up by morning I'll engage the barrio enforcers to see what we find.

In the interest of continuing education, I lock all the doors before I get in the shower. I figure she did not take a key either since the back door had been left unlocked. But, she is supposed know how to get in the garage using the keypad and from there where to find keys.

While I'm in the shower she turns-up and I can hear her telling her sister that I locked all the doors to test her. Which is exactly right. And. She passed with flying colors! I'm very proud.

Few days down the line, not long after CtC saves the day with the water heater, the garage guys come back with the new part. Turns out they loved the remote garage door open trick! Seen it done in the shop, but never in the wild. They also love the garage door quality. So your musist is a bit of a celebrity in garage door mechanic circles...

The day after the key test, and before the hot water emergency, the sisters spent a day up at the Sonora Desert Museum and the Saguaro National Park. They're kind of co-located just west of the Quail Manor. Good time was had by all, including your musist who didn't have to go :) Here are the pictures.

Here are some pictures from DnT's to document the current state of affairs on that side of the fence. As I finally write this Ann and AFS have departed to their home bases and I finally have some quiet time to muse. DtW is finishing some work at the Quail Manor and plans to start some work at DnT's tomorrow. I'll include photos are things progress.

Meanwhile, DtW continues at the Quail Manor. In this batch of pictures you can see the screen he's built around the cistern so the vines - that I am told grow like weeds yet have not grown an inch in the two or three months they have been in the ground - can grow up the dead tree and over the cistern. In keeping with DtW's ethic, the screen is an engineering marvel. It can be removed for access if necessary by removing a couple bolts from one of the ends. Or can be removed entirely by removing bolts at each post. I can report the installation of the wire mesh required David, Ann, AFS, and your musist to wrestle the flimsy 20 foot by 8 foot high sheet from the front to the back yard and then manover it into position among the plants (dead and undead) and plumbing and concrete.

Now we just need the vine to do it's thing. I'm pretty sure it;s called cats claw.