Spring at the Quail Manor

Not a lot to write about. Had some pictures so here's a post.

The last big project I did at "The Firm" was big and competitive. The hotels were full of competing firms with big ears to capture intel. We know ours were. So. We had all kinds of code names for things.

My code name was Sweets, since as everyone know Sweetie was Sweetie. Of course mine was an ironic moniker. We won the project. Of course.

When we were in Germany, Mom and Dad came to visit. They needed code names, so the imps decided Mom would be "Super Sweet" and Dad "Splenda".

So Super Sweet and Splenda have just completed a visit to the Quail Manor. A LOT of hanging around the Pergola with Super Sweet sewing what will become some the Quail Manor art. Also had a visit from Buck and Mel and from CtC. So a busy weekend. Lots of food. Lots...

Meanwhile her Sweetness took me to the Desert Survivors "Too tough to die" plant sale . I thought it was for my sparking wit and counsel. It was so I could tote and she could shop uninterrupted. In about an hour we filled the Volvo. The drivers seat remained available. She rode pressed against the rear hatch. 

The plants have now been scattered, she would object to that word, the plants have now be carefully placed throughout the Quail Manor Compound. Much digging of holes and placing of plants remains. Frequent readers will recall that the digging of holes on "A" Mountain is not for the faint of heart. I'm making myself scarce...

Meanwhile, a cactus rescue popped up on Sunday. Jessie the Cactus Queen, frequent readers may recall her moniker is JCQ, happened by on her bike Saturday afternoon. No helmet, but at least this time she was wearing shoes. Last time it was no helmet and flip flops. Progress is being made. JCQ enlisted Ann for the rescue.

She was in her element. And. Returned with two Ocotillos and a Barrel Cactus. I've been harping for some Ocotillos and not I can let up a bit.

Turns out you plant the bare root Ocotillos in pea gravel. No dirt. No fertilizer. Pea gravel. No need to water the roots. They'll take all they need from the stems sticking up. These cactus are bizarre to say the least.

 She is in full-on planting mode. And will be for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile at the Quail Manor and over at DnT's, Dave the Welder (frequent readers know this is DtW) has been practicing his art. He did a beautiful front yard fence at DnT's and installed the critter guard at our back wall grate. Both a thing of beauty.

And. There is a whole lot of blooming going on over at DnT's. Here's some pictures.