Here's a timeline.

First, thanks to Richard aka "The Chief" for the new Quail picture on the home page. For ununderstandable reasons he is a Kansas City Chief fan. He grew up in Kansas City, so will use that as an excuse - he's old enough to know better though.

The Quail is sitting on the wall along our North property line. Richard has a lens so long it would not fit inside the Quail Manor, so he had to use it outside.

Used the pictures from the last muse, such as it was, and laid them alongside the pictures we took I'm pretty sure the day we closed (17-April-2014).

A fun trip down memory lane... Makes my back and hands hurt...

Here's the link. For future reference, the pictures live in Other Things, Renovation Pictures in the Before and After Timeline link.

BTW. There are a LOT of pictures. I muse this in Chrome and it has been puking when trying to open the page. Firefox works fine. If you bomb, try another browser...