Cactus blooms. And a little cycling whine.

To be reasonably certain I spelled whine correctly I Googled it. BTW, yesterday was YouTube's 10th birthday. I was shocked it was only 10... So. I had spelled it correctly, but here is the definition:


Thought it was funny. So here is a long (but short) high-pitched (you'll have to imagine) complaining cry about cycling in Tucson.

You can go every freaking day. So I have two possible excuses NOT to go:

  1. Old guys need recovery days. Here is a learned reference. I of course have and have read the book. Synopsis for those with less free time; in the course of a training block do resistance training, do intervals, rest. And speaking of YouTube, here is a video. Don't know how learned, but an old (younger than your musist unfortunately, but old) white guy with a camera.
  2. Insufficient fitness or desire. 

Reason two is the more troubling.

Its a balancing act. Kind of chilly overnight. Another whine, I've gone native. Chilly is now anything under 70. So have to let it warm-up a bit. But, it gets windy most every afternoon after lunch. So need to finish around lunch time. 

Getting fit enough that need to be doing at least 60 to 70 miles when I go out. So now bumping up against the wind issue and reason two...

There I whined.

Here is the official the Quail Manor wind gauge. Yes, those are pigs with feathers for tails. The tails spin in the wind. For reasons we would need a better engineer than your musist to explain, the top pig always spins first, then the middle pig, then the bottom pig.

Wind Condition Zero (WC0) is no pigs. This is the best wind condition.

Wind Condition One (WC1) is one pig. No big deal.

Wind Condition Two (WC2) is the top two pigs. Cue the whine.

Wind Condition Three (WC3) is all three going at it. Your musist is hunkering down.

Wind Condition Half (WC0.5, WC1.5, WC2.5) is the integer Wind Condition with gusts to the next larger Wind Condition.

Wind Condition Storm (WCohShit) causes the whole pig string to flail about. We retire the pig string to the garage when we encounter or are likely to encounter WCohShit.

The real instigation for a muse is cactus blooms. Last time SWITBO was down she planted. Only about 10 holes this time. She may be bumping up against reasons one or two too? May be economic. She hates parting with money. Figures she'll out live me. Quite confident of that actually. And wants plenty of ready cash on-hand for the Latin Pool Boy that will replace me. As Dan from DnT has proven, we are far far from running out of room.

One of the cactus she planted is blooming. One of the ocotillos she rescued with Jessie the Cactus Queen (frequent readers may recall she is properly JCQ) on an earlier trip was looking pretty rough. Looked great when planted. Then looked rough. Now looking good again, so have a picture of that too. If you look REAL carefully you can see leaves. Not a lot of leaves, but some leaves. 

So, JCQ is staying at DnTs as she awaits closing on her new to her house that is fortunately for all concerned Barrio adjacent. Many days she uses the gate between the Quail Manor and Dnts to ferry plants. One of those is blooming like a mother f#&@er so took a picture of that too. Here are the pictures.