Beep beep

Muse two days in a row. Been awhile.

  • Is there a lot going on?
  • Has the Quail Manor finally stabilized so more energy to muse?
  • Or, is your musist just bored?

Who knows. Regardless a supplemental post.

The proximate cause of today's muse is a documented roadrunner visitation. I saw it coming across the cistern and sprinted to get the camera. I lost it (the roadrunner) in the ensuing chaos of getting the camera, turning it on. awaiting all the gyrations as it sorts itself out, flicking the (once-upon-a-time automatic) lens cover a few times to get it open. By now, both "restaurants" are uncharacteristically empty and the Quail Manor Compound is eerily quiet.

Except for one bird of type mid-sized and not Gambel Quail or Dove that was giving our roadrunner hell...while safely up a tree but giving hell never-the-less. By now Piggy and Frank from next door have arrived at the gate. Frank barking. Piggy snorting which is kind of her thing.


I used the bird and beasts to triangulate on our visitor. If you look very carefully in the circle our roadrunner is facing to the left, oblivious to the squawking overhead and barking and snorting not 3 feet away - it knows a sturdy fence apparently. It goes to diving head first into the piles of ever present "A" Mountain rock. Not sure if it got anything but retreated to the shade of a nearby tree.

So of course now I need to research what they eat. Not sure the information helps me know what it was after, I suspected a bird nest. After all the excitement your musist went all CSI on the scene but could not find anything bird like. So could have been anything.

I do love all the slaming and banging of prey. Kind of the same way a coal miner attecks any problem. Whack it a few times with a hammer to see if anything changes...

If you look carefully you can see herr roadrunner exiting stage right. Walked right up the quail's limb and then sailed off the fence...

If you follow the link there is lots of (presumably) good information. But none of the sounds sounded like my roadrunner interaction. I went looking. Found this video. THATs the sound I got. Not sure what it means, but by now it is looking at me and the barking (and snorting) beasts. Perhaps it is roadrunner for "go pound sand".

So maybe we are passing muster for the roadrunner circuit. May have a problem if it takes to attacking our Quail. It appears restricting roadrunner access may be the same fools errand as trying to restrict squirrels.

Speaking of JCQ's beasts. The front and back door of the Quail Manor have roll-up screen doors. They work OK, but you can't tell if they are closed. We have some flags but you kind of have to know what you are looking for. Every single visitor will walk through them at least once. If alcohol is involved it will likely be several times. They come off the tracks. We laugh. The walk througher worries they have broken the doors. I put them back on the track. Life goes on.

So. The first time Piggy is by she sees an open door with interesting stuff beyond to investigate. She walks right into the screen and bounces off. Funny to all but Piggy. Next visit, Frank does the same. Hilarity for all.

Now both have wised up. Whenever they encounter the door they stop. Put a paw through. And then proceed if the paw crosses the threshold unobstructed. Almost as funny as when they bounced off.

Frequent readers will recall in yesterdays post I mentioned our chinchilla birds. They take dust baths like chinchilla's. Here are a couple of shots of the bath in process.

There is a bike path stretching along the various Tucson "rivers". They call it "The Loop". I rode every inch of it the other day. 50 mile round trip from the Quail Manor. So, this morning they christened a new stretch going south from the Quail Manor. I walked over thinking (correctly it turns out) that it would be a zoo of cyclists of widely varying talent. Very happy I walked. Priests prayed. Politicians spoke and spoke and spoke. I lost interest and wondered off.

They did a spectacular job with landscaping. As I walked, I was admiring and what did I see? I saw a dead tree!

Now. I'm not sure whether this tree died before or after ours. But I'm pretty certain we manicured ours first. Hence, I submit they stole "our" where "our" is SWITBO's idea. Further, I think I recognize the work of The Tree Whisperer.

Our's looks better. And it houses two "restaurants"... Technically 3 if you count the hummingbird/may or may not be a woodpecker feeder.

And DTW has been busily engaged as DTCG and we now have a curb for the driveway gate to run along.