Below the fold.

We found copies of the paper. Based on the stack of remaining copies in the convenience store we visited, there must have been a run. We'll have to check with the paper's sales statistics, but your musist suspects a "the Quail Manor Bump".

When we saw the actual paper, we come to find out we were bumped below the fold by a feel good story about a widower who fulfilled his deceased wife's dream of a garden that supplies a local food bank. If we had to be be bumped, I guess that's a pretty good story.

So. We're below the fold. But at least a tease on the front page. Of an obscure section. Buried among the ads and flyers randomly stuffed into the middle of the paper as an afterthought as it gets folded over. Once we flipped over to page E9 we found the article itself. We did get a full page.

You're welcome for the production quality. We were actually off to breakfast at one of our preferred breakfast places. There was a long line. So off to place two. Another long line. So, back to the barrio and a Denny's. Full, but we could get in. Small table though so not a lot of room to spread out. And the locals were just a little curious why the blue eyed devils were taking pictures of a newspaper with their cell phone...

Need to do some research. Why the hell was EVERY freaking restaurant SRO? With a line. Saturday night was the U of A graduation, so maybe there were celebratory breakfasts? Or, these Tucsoners do love their Sunday breakfasts! Good to know for future reference.

Meanwhile at the Quail Manor.

DTW's been busy. Have a vague recollection I've mentioned it ,and to lazy to go look to confirm, JCQ bought a new to her house. It's barrio adjacent and back's up to the desert. Very nice. But. She needs a fence. A serious fence. Right now. So has contracted DTW. Now we share DTW. But she does need the fence real bad.

He did finish the driveway gate. Works a dream. Had a couple of salt treatments and got rained on. So. Rusting has commenced.

He's also been working on a cistern barn door. This infrequent musing is catching-up with me, I forget what has already been mused and am unmotivated to go look. So I may have mentioned this. AFTER we screened in the cistern so we could grow vines to obscure it; we realized that is some damn fine storage for unsightly stuff back there. Yada Yada Yada, DTW has designed and is working on a barn door so we can slip in the back. The door will leverage stuff we have sourced for the front courtyard gates, so pretty simple by comparison. When completed, I'll install some racks on the wall so we can layer stuff.

In the mean time, your musist has been busy envisioning, sourcing and fabricating unnecessary engineering. A sight glass for the cistern so we can easily see water level is the most recent. Pictures are below. This is actually V2.5. V1 was installed down at the cistern. It was such a disaster that I did not waste camera electrons on it. Also, it leaked. V2 is water tight. It is installed up by the back garage door. It became V2.5 when I realized it would be mo betta if we could tell how full/empty we were. So I added level marks cleverly leveraging the fact that the water level is the same throughout the system so I could measure the cistern relative to the water level and then transfer the dimensions up to the sight glass. Boom.

The pivotal find was clear plastic tubing with sufficient diameter to float a ping pong ball (diameter of 1.57 inches). Turns out there is a web site dedicated to clear pipe. Seems it gets used in hospitals and food service applications. Anyway, they were very proud of their product. So I looked for cheaper alternatives. Which I found on Amazon. Of course.

What I now know is tubing diameters are precise while PVC diameters are directionally correct and not at all compatible. Lots of trips to Home Depot later I have a wide array of couplings and adapters. Best I can do is my tubing has a 2 inch outside diameter. 2 inch PVC is ON AVERAGE 2.047 inches inside diameter. Sounds close, but not when you start putting things together and need to hold water. So. I use electrical tape to increase 2 inches to 2.08. Takes 3 wraps, exactly, for a snug fit. Then I apply copious amounts of clear silicone. Then I stick things together and allow to dry overnight. 

Also. This is going on the south west corner of the house. Tucson sun eats PVC alive. These guys paint anything not metal that is going to see sun. So I paint perfectly good black PVC to match the stucco. This painting has to occur first. Then the tape. Then the silicone. Then the sticking together and drying.

If you are still reading this, you are (or want to be) an engineer. Another challenge is as the water goes up and down inside the system, it displaces air. My first thought was a 180 degree U at the top. But then I have to keep nesting animals out. In my back and forth to Home Depot for adapters and couplings I find what I think is a vent intended to be used in an island sink. There was an expensive one and a cheap one, I got the cheap one and hoped it worked. Cause it looked cool. It worked. So that is what you see at the top of the picture of the top of the sight glass.

Went through a couple of iterations of how to hang it. Those are big assed zip ties. Painted of course. No project is complete until you use zip ties. These things are like 3 feet long. I wanted to be sure I had plenty of length. I did. With the weight of water in the pipe, I settled. So I piled some rocks underneath. We have plenty of those on-hand so did not require any trips to the Depot.

The hardest part. Finding freaking ping pong balls when you are looking for freaking ping pong balls. After much looking found white ones at Target. Wanted a bright color. Someday, go try to paint a freaking sphere. Up close the painted ping pong ball looks pretty crappy. But good enough for now. They came in boxes of 6 so if anybody needs ping poing balls... Then I was at Safeway. There in a Aisle Cap in the dairy section. Freaking ping pong balls. Go figure.

Careful observers will note a marker in the shot with the fluorescent ping pong ball. That's a black zip tie that can be slid up and down to mark the water level so we can measure changes. Interestingly that feature has been in the design since V1.

Finally. Finally, a couple of shots of the new irrigation controller in-elegantly cast into the Quail Manor Data Center. And the abomination of cables strung across the ceiling from where the irrigation cables come into the house over to the new controller location. Frequent readers, like the muse before this one, may recall the need, sourcing, and installation of this new controller took place between 16.00 and 21.00 on Saturday evening. During which time JCQ and beasts come by. She and Ann helped a little, but mostly straw bossed, drank beer, and ridiculed my need to at least do some zip tie cable management.

I do think I have an idea for how we will more permanently install the cables. I know I'm going to have to run some speaker wires for the courtyards. And we now have these irrigation cables. And there may be some other stuff that needs to be run in the garage. So. Spent time pondering. Initial thought was cable trays. Did research. Cable trays are expensive. Like crazy.

More thinking. I could split some 4 inch PVC to create a tray kind of thing. Probably easier with a table saw. Which I don't have. More thinking. Metal shelving like we already have is like a tray. That's pretty wide and kind of expensive. Roof gutters. To the Home Depot site. They make vinyl stuff that you would probably not want on your house, but it sure is cheap and should do fine inside. It'll collect dust. But I can probably live with that. So we have a plan. More on this when I actually get around to doing something...

Here are the long ago promised shots.