Don't start with cinco. Start with dos.

So Saturday whilst I was nattering on about the appearance of the official the Quail Manor Roadrunner (I checked, that is a record for the proper use of "the" in a sentence fragment), it was Kentucky Derby Day. Sweetie observes Derby Day as a high holy holiday. 

Post muse and pre-Derby your musist makes a speed run to the Home Depot. She calls and badgers me about getting back in time to see the Derby. Which I did, but that is not my point.

My point is, as I was driving. There were parties all over The Barrio. Cars parked in yards and willy nilly in the street as is the custom everywhere in The Bario EXCEPT for the Quail Manor (and DnT's but it's philosophically one compound so one reference). I thought, boy these guys are as into the Kentucky Derby as is SWITBO.

Later in the evening I see this...

Ahhh. Makes a LOT more sense.

While I'm on the subject of "The Most Interesting Man in the World", whom I just adore, and Cinco do Mayo. If you follow the Cinco link, lots of good information - but no mention that it is Splenda's birthday. That may be a record for number of links in a two sentence paragraph... Here is my current favorite. Watch his eyes.

Here are 100 of his best quotes. There are annoying adds that pop-up, but It's worth following.

Now to serious topics. It rained this morning. Hard. Woke me up. Serious rain on this metal roof is fairly exciting. I suspect a hail storm is going to be life changing. Don't know if they get hail here, but they must? I took to Google. Last time it hailed was a couple of years ago.

So rain at the Quail Manor is newsworthy. I call Ann. I'm awake, she may as well be too. Turns out she had already worked out, so took the edge off my joy just a little. As we are discussing the rain event, look what I saw.

Of course it's over the dead freaking tree! If you look carefully in the lower left corner you can see one of our may or may not be a woodpecker birds at the hummingbird feeder.