The Dawn after the Deluge

Her sweetness named today's muse. Yesterday it rained like a mutha. Today we awoke to this.

I cropped the tractor trailer tractor across the street from the bottom of the picture, but this is otherwise untouched from outside the front door. The Dawn After the Deluge.

Frequent readers may recall a few days ago we discovered the lack of a vent in cistern overflow was a BFD. We now know of at least two occasions the cistern overflowed and in the process siphoned itself essentially dry in the process.

When we discovered the design flaw early this week, your musist was pretty sure we'd be skimping by on cistern water for a while. Little did he know we would collect pretty much all of it back in the rain event yesterday! Here is an excerpt from my handy dandy rainwater harvesting analysis spreadsheet. Net net we siphoned about 1,600 gallons out in The Overflow Catastrophe and added 1,200 gallons back in The Deluge.

It was pouring from about noon on. I doned the rain coat again and took the camera. We had not a little water coming through the back wall again that you can actually see in the still picture. 

AND. Your musist experimented with video. Mostly I learned that taking videos is way more harder than it looks. But what the hell. Forced me to learn how to embed a video here. Turns out it has to be on YouTube. Anyone under 60 probably knows this already, but now I too know. It turns out when you have a gMail account you have a YouTube account. Well the Quail Manor has a gMail account. Now the Quail Manor has an activated YouTube Channel too!

Very exciting. 

Here are the videos. You're welcome for the spots on the lens and the high production quality. Fortunately for all of us, I forgot to nararate so all you hear is the pitter patter of rain drops...

Taken 7-Jan-2016 at the top of the dry wash as water comes through the back wall.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 shows the basins as head down the dry wash from the top.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 shows the basins as head a little further down the dry wash.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 along the break in the fence at the bottom of the dry wash.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 looking up the dry wash from the bottom.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 from the hole in the wall at the bottom of the dry wash over to DnT's.

Taken 7-Jan-2016 from the top of the steps between the Quail Manor and DnT's.