What's blooming at the Quail Manor

This one is for you plant people. SWITBO has been taking pictures the last couple of weeks of what's blooming. Here's the latest batch.

Meanwhile. D of DnT has been painting landscape walls. Objective was to give some color that contrasts nicely with the plant colors. Many samples were bought and tested. He settled on a purple color. As the paint guy was preparing the (5 gallon) can he asked D if he had checked with his Home Owners Association. D scoffed and assured him he had. Its The Barrio, we don't judge.

So he paints. The paint guy was right. This is no subtle purple.

Sheerly by coincidence, we had the neighborhood cast of characters over for D's going away party just as he finished painting. Since we had a quorum,  we took the opportunity to have our inaugural this end of the cul de sac Kangaroo HOA Court. Turns out D had not obtained prior HOA approval for his choice in paint color. SWITBO and I were consulted beforehand, but we denied it under oath. After presenting evidence for and against, and having another beer, The Court deliberated. D was found guilty of an infraction. As punishment. He was allowed to keep the color. It does make the plants pop. Kind of ties the yard together...

Meanwhile. Dave the Welder is soooo close to being done with the fences and gates. Plant people, move along. We're going a little technical for a couple of paragraphs.

He got the gate for the behind the cistern storage mounted. Still needs some stops for full open and full closed. But works great. Pretty basic barn door thing with a real clever roller system at the bottom that takes the weight and a minimalist guide at the top to keep it standing upright.

Frequent readers with real good memories may recall that the "arbor fence" between the Quail Manor and DnT's (the only thing standing between us and the purple wall) expands and contracts way more than you would expect. When it gets good and hot, sometimes the gate won't open.

So we had to come up with a way to keep it solid, but allow it to expand and contract. DtW came up with a real simple solution. He cut about half an inch out of the rail at the end where it used to bolt up against the block wall. Then instead of bolting the rail back to the wall we built some posts that the end can slide along as it expands and contracts with heat (or the lack thereof). If you look at it, it looks like it is bolted to the wall. If you look carefully or grab the top rail and shake violently, you will notice this rail is not attached to this wall!

We've not had an uber hot day yet to test things, but optomistic.

Meanwhile. The Catio continues to delight the felines.

Finally. Your musist has updated the outdoor shots of the Quail Manor Before and After timeline. From the menu bar, Pictures, Renovation Pictures, Before and After Timeline. Or, click here.

Here are a bunch of shots without the value added Before and After curation.