Another in the what's blooming now series.

Your musist struggled to keep track of where last weeks pictures ended and this weeks began. So there may be some duplication from last weeks. It's not like pictures arn't always being taken...I just remember to upload them periodically. Your musist also struggles to keep track of which came from the Quail Manor and which from DnT's. Since it's all kind of one compound, and there is wondering back and forth not just by the bird population, not sure how much it matters. Dan and Sweetie know which are theirs. Tony and I just like the pretty colors.

And. Your musist was playing with the camera but forgot to reset it before SWITBO took to taking more pictures. I was playing with what I think is the white balance, so her pictures are a bit dim. Some of these blooms happen for like a day and then they're gone, so no second chances. And. Retaking them is extra work...

And (for sure) from shots from DnT's.

Speaking of birds.

Plenty of avian amour going on. Had a couple of doves going at it on the front courtyard wall the other evening. Had to take a hose to them and suggested they get a room. Not really. The cats and I watched. SWITBO thought we were gross.

The name sake quail are quite the thing as they court. Have not knowingly seen any quail making chicks. I presume they do get rooms. But, the chasing back and forth and the dispatching of rivals out under the seed cube is quite ahh, dignified. 

The chinchilla birds are back. Frequent readers may recall from last year, these dudes eat at the block and then hop down into the dust/rock mix we call dirt and proceed to fling themselves down roll around and repeat until I guess they're clean. Leave these little dimples all over the place.

And. We got a new feeder for Lesser Goldfinches. The wild bird store lady said it would take about a week before they would use it. Peggy and Al up the hill had a swarm so we decided to see if we could poach some. At day 6 a couple turned-up. Nothing on day 7. We are now at day 14 and beginning to wonder if we can afford to keep feeding the Lesser Goldfinches. The word is out, or Peggy and Al saw our rig and wisely decided to get out of the unprofitable business of feeding Lesser Goldfinches. If you look carefully, the finches stand or hang on the copper spiral around the feed tube. Now, I'm guessing at  numbers, but these things travel like the packs of sorority girls I "complain" about at my favorite Safeway. Lots of 'em and plenty of racket too.

I think it can accommodate like 20 at a time. Then what seems like another 10 or so can eat spoils from the tray. Then the tree fills up with more waiting their turn. It's like Friday night at DIA when you can see airliners lined up one after the other all the way back to Kansas. 

You'll notice the fountain in the foreground. There are usually another 3 or 4 having a beverage and a bath before rejoining the scrum in the tree.

The cats are in heaven. They can watch from the back door, the bedroom window, or the kitchen window and it's like they are right there. They have both volunteered to be air traffic no one gets hurt.

I have learned that the Lesser Goldfinches eat thistle. They ate half a full feeder. YESTERDAY. That's on the order of 60 cubic inches. Further, Quail and Doves that dine at the seed blocks out by the dead tree don't. Well, somebody better tell the Doves and Quails. Seems a small Dove can just fit on the tray and chow down on the spoils that the smaller birds have pulled out of the tube. The Dove kind of has to hang-on for dear life so it is pretty busy pushing what it can out and onto the ground where it is designed to eat. So this activity has attracted the larger of the Doves and the Quails who seem to enjoy thistle off the ground just fine.

Now. All this is going on just above SWITBO's prized cactus garden. So there is some concern for collateral damage...

And. Whilst her sweetness was doing some gardening last week she noticed a bird building a nest in our biggest palo verde tree. A lot of waiting for it to come back and some research indicates it is a Verdin. Seems the female has the male build a bunch of nests. She'll decide which one she will deign to lay eggs in. The others will be used for lounging in the heat of the day. These nests are a bit of an engineering feat.

No sign yet of eggs or visiting females.