Gas Line looking from back door. Meter is to left in this picture.   Note proximity to sewer clean-outs. Stakes are for south west wall.
 Opposite of picture from back door. Note proximity to sewer clean-outs.
 Stake is south west corner of courtyard.
 Little further back. Stakes are the west courtyard wall on the south side of the opening.
 Standing same place looking the other way to back of property.
 In easement standing under overhead electric line. Utility pole is essentially SW lot corner.
 Looking to North. Note overhead electric lines.
 Gas line looking in from Peggy and Al lot.
 Little different perspective.
 Reference shot. Close-up will show the gas line is right about 6 feet West of the end of the existing wall.
 Close-up assoicated with reference shot.
 Water meter move reference shot. The close-up will show that the stake is 9'-6" South of the center of the meter box at the current location.
 9'-6" to center of meter box.
 City Water
 He thought the City Water line ended towards the end of our property.
 Note the blue mark in the street at about the middle of our property. Seemed like a branch from a main line to feed the supplies along our side of the street?
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