Front gate steps.  Note:  - There will be 3 steps. The last step (the one at the courtyard grade) will really just be a curb to hold back the courtyard material.   - The gate will be at the top and open into the courtyard, swinging to the right.   -  First step starts 12 " into the opening.  - Steps have an 18" tread. (and a 6 inch rise).  - The landing at the top is really the courtyard. I have the gate at 24 inches from the front of the last riser (curb). So the last step appears to have a tread of 24 inches   - The opening is 4 feet wide. Given the thread dimensions, with about a foot of wall extending past the gate, the "return walls" that define the steps extend 7 feet into the courtyard.
 A cross-section of the steps.  The change in grade between the driveway and courtyard is about 18 inches.     The wall height at the courtyard is 3 feet.  The apparent wall height at the entrance to the steps will be 36+18=54 inches high (4' 6").   The steps have a 6" rise and an 18" tread.     ===============================================================
 Concrete slab cut lines.  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Best I could tell, this arbor is 4 feet wide. Could be a cheep way to go at the gate to DnTs. I think this was $180
 Southwestern color choices that apparently do well down here.  The block is with the treated color.  The color samples are ALL DARKER in the picture than they appear in real life. We can get several larger samples of the colors we like.  My preferences against the block and dirt in the sun are:  R2C2 (second favorite, little less green)  R3C4 (pretty good match with the dirt)  R6C2  R6C3 (favorite, has more green in it in the real sample)   Textures can be found here . My preference is "Shot Blast Fine"  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 An interesting idea for "night lighting" from the top of the tall cabinet wall.
 Clutter aside, I liked this for the living room. The covers can be removed and laundered.
 Almost exactly what we are doing with the stepped kitchen counter.
 Another view
 These seemed like normal height stools and the counter was perfectly comfortable.
 Another view
 I really liked this counter top
 Way too big, but may be an idea for the living room TV. Will have to look at depths.
 Blurry, but the entertainment storage  furniture     series. 
 Don't know what the size options are, but could be something for linen and guest closets.
 The furniture style of the cubby storage.
 I liked this furniture style for the master.
 The series
 I think this may be the same bed. Not sure about the color, but liked the style.
 Maybe storage idea for between the washer/dryer and the laundry sink.
 I liked this as a simple desk in the guest room/study.
 The furniture series.
 Possible kitchen pendant over counter.
 Possible pendant fixtures for kitchen counter.     ========================================  End of Ikea trip.
 Tree on 1220 side of wall dead center of gate. Going to do everything we can to work around, and they think they can avoid it.  They will be adding one course of block on each side of the stakes and filling the course that is there between the stakes.
 Same,, just aimed camera a little higher.
 Had to trim the mesquite in the foreground. Inclined to just remove the palo verde in background.  Will add a course here.
 You can't really see them, but there are some remanents of blue flags leading off towards the cactus that is pretty much center frame (at the wall).   Also note the relative location of the guy wire for the power pole.  I propose we leave open from where ever the stair stepped wall ends-up (in the vicinity of the where the guy wire comes down) to an equal distance beyond (to the east) the cactus. So the cactus will be centered in the opening?  The "wall" will be just at current ground level. Enough that we can mount the fence, but no blocks above grade.
 Standing same place, wider view.
 Standing same place but turned around to where the water will be coming from.     +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  Last picture 17-Jul-14
 I couldn't find a link for this, but looked to me like the one in the basement bathroom.
 Bath sinks. The finish I told her was chrome. This is some kind of brushed nickel or something. Shape is the same though.   This link is what the sinks would look like .   This link is what the shower/tub would look like  . The small lever sets temp and the big one turns the water on and off. Kind of like what we have in the Denver master shower, but on one unit. We could alternately do like the basement shower when on/off and temp are on one valve.
 This is what the shower head with the two piece shower and hand shower (for cleaning) would look like.   This link is about the shower head .   This link is in general about "In2ition", the series of shower heads .
 Color here is wrong, but sure looked like our master toilet in Denver   Here is a link .
 From left to right:  Untreated  One coat  Two coats
 Better shot of the one and two coats.  I'm liking two coats...  Just went out after drying for 4 or 5 hours, the color is pretty much unchanged. On the other side from what you see here, I put a third coat and a second coat after the base coats dried for 4 or 5 hours. Will see if that makes any difference.     Last picture in this set.  ====================================================
 From car port peak post looking west.
 Opposite view standing in front of car port peak post looking to the north towards 1220.
 Fence location from 1220 looking towards 1230
 Plants in the area where the retaining wall could extend, or a full height wire fence would run.
 More plants in the vicinity of this fence/retaining wall junction.
 Standing about where the fence would intersect with the "retaining wall fence"  Decision to make, do we extend the retaining wall, or do we install a full height metal fence to where the retaining wall starts.
 From retaining wall looking back towards where the metal fence will run from 1230 car port peak post.
 Standing at end of retaining wall looking west along property line.
 Mesquite tree along 1230 fence line that I think Dan was liking as a place to put a gate/steps. Not sure if it has been discussed, but I wonder if a arbor over the gate would be cool looking.
 Note orange stakes about 8 feet east of the mesquite tree than another about 4 feet east of that (total 12 feet east of tree) to mark proposed gate location.
 You can barely see the gate stakes. This view is from the vicinity of pergola gate.
 Same location zoomed in.
 Looking towards gate stakes from within the pergola (generally at the existing clean-outs)
 Gate stakes from 1230 side.  You can see the eastern most stake about a foot to the right of the chain link fence post. The western edge of the gate stake is about 3 feet to the west of the post.
 Zoomed in a bit trying to look at gate stakes from the 1230 side.
 Standing as far south as I can get on the 6' tall wall at the back of the property looking to the north. Note the cactus and two shrubs on what will be the wall line.  These plants will need to be moved or lost.
 Cactus close-up.
 Shrub close-up.  Note, the two that are the same, and the one to the left are all in play. Will need to be moved or sacraficed.
 Zoomed in.
 Close-up of the .one to the left (west) in the picture
 Note the white lines on the ground. This tree will need to have the branches that over-hang the white lines removed.
 Standing on what will be the wall line, looking to the South. There are 3 or 4 trees in here that will have to be major trimmed or sacrificed.  The wall will run just to the left (east), like inches, of the trunks at the base.
 This stake with the flag on it is the property corner. Note the corner is about 2 feet east of the power line. I thought it was under the power line.  The wall will run about 5 or 6 feet to the east (left) of this stake.     +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  LAST PICTURE IN 9-JUL SET
 1. Marked to save.
 2. Marked to save.
 3. Marked to save.
 4. Marked to save
 5. This group at risk. 
 5a. Same group, differnt angle. At risk.
 6. Inside rear courtyard. Move or die.
 7. Along North wall. Should be safe. Mark any?
 8.  Tree/shrub in center at the wall is near the corner of the house. Will probably have to go or be major trimmed to allow access. Pretty ugly at base.
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